Signs of Spring


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I haven't seen any yet.
Sometimes Snowdrops are opening by now and they will pop up almost overnight if it turns mild - none here yet so far.
Haven't noticed the snowdrops here yet but the are out at the parents place along with aconites. (should have taken a photo when I was there Saturday :slap:)
A few snowdrops here been out a week or so, but mostly hidden by snow some of which is still hanging about
Been springlike here since Monday, apart from the wild weather that night. Daffodils & crocuses now up. Willow starting to put up furry buds.
It seemed like a switch was flicked 3 or 4 days ago, things drying nicely now and some actual grass growth starting.
Things are still late though we have some very early daffodils often out end of Feb need at least a week yet.
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